Philip Couch, FNP

Philip Couch began his career as an accountant for a top 10 accounting firm over 30 years ago. He made a career in the business world, eventually becoming a high level consultant for large corporations. While he found tremendous success in this career he did not find the fulfillment he was looking for in his work. He had always been a person who enjoyed mentoring others and helping them succeed in their career path. In fact, he would say he enjoyed this more than completing whatever project he was working on within the corporation. He also enjoyed the camaraderie he found with his fellow executives. After years of trying to find a good fit, he decided he was not in the right line of work.

He went back to school at Duke University to obtain his ABSN and his FNP. He has worked on a hospital unit as well as within different speciality clinics. He would tell you he found his place in the medical field. It is meaningful and there is always something new to learn. He had been working in Laurinburg in an Internal Medicine clinic when he and his wife started talking about opening a clinic that would blend both medicine and mental health care. He became increasingly excited about how this type of clinic could provide better care for his patients.

Philip is a provider who cares deeply for those who come to him for care. He wants to provide the most comprehensive and caring treatment possible.

Dr. Greg Clary

Dr Clary comes to us from Sandhills Neurology Clinic in Pinehurst. He has been a practicing MD in the area for several years and enjoys working in this community. He has developed a following of clients who enjoy working with him as a PCP and a Psychiatrist. He is a psychiatrist who cares deeply about those he treats. He is not afraid of trying new treatment modalities if they help his clients get better.

Dr. Clary’s history is significant. After graduating from Medical School, Dr. Clary did his residency at Duke University Hospital. It was here he decided to become licensed both as an Internal Medicine Doctor and a Psychiatrist. He saw the value of knowing about both disciplines to better serve his patients. In fact, he valued it enough for Duke to hire him to create their first Medical/Mental Health Clinic. After developing a successful integrated clinic, he decided to return to the Sandhills to be closer to his extended family. He has worked as a Medical Director at Novant Presbyterian in Charlotte; in private practice; at Carolina Behavioral Care and more recently at Sandhills Neurology clinic. He is a provider who has a breath and depth of knowledge, experience and compassion.

We are happy to have him join our practice!


Meghan Kohl, DNP, FNP-c

Meghan Kohl has been practicing nursing since 2005. She has based her practice on continued learning and teaching. She obtained a Masters in Nursing Education and Faculty Role in 2010. She then went on to obtain her Doctor of Nursing Practice and Family Nurse Practitioner license in 2016. She has practiced as an RN in multiple hospital settings, however finds a real passion in developing long standing relationships with her patients. This led her to her previous practice in Raeford, NC where she spent two and a half years practicing.

Meghan felt like the current medical model did not allow her to really help her patients. After researching different models, she found the practice of functional medicine to be just what she was looking for. Functional Medicine is an approach that focuses on identifying and treating the root cause of diseases. It utilizes research, scientific principles, advanced diagnostic testing and treatments to develop an individualized plan to help resolve a person’s health challenges.

We are excited to have Megan join our practice, providing an alternative medical solution to health concerns.

Susan Couch, LCSW

Susan Couch has been working as a clinical social worker for over 15 years. She has worked in several different settings including; in patient substance units for adults and adolescents; outpatient treatment programs for those suffering from substance abuse; outpatient mental health clinics; psychiatry practices; Domestic Violence programs; and now private practice.

She has always had great compassion for people and enjoyed getting to know how people feel and think about their world. She has focused her training and learning on helping those with complex trauma, substance abuse issues, dissociative disorders, eating disorders. These disorders often include those with personality disorders. She has gained training in various methods of therapy to help her offer a wide range of tools for those who come to her for therapy. She does not believe that “one size fits all” and tries to tailor her treatment to the individual who is sitting in the room with her.

She is known for her non judgmental and compassionate approach.


Kelly Driscoll, M.A. Ed, NCC, LPCA

Kelly Driscoll has been practicing as an LPC since 2013 after receiving her Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree. She has always felt a pull to help others gain insight and awareness into their lives to better themselves. She has worked with a wide range of populations ranging from children to the elderly. She prefers to work with adolescents, adults and older clients as this time. She has special interest in treating those who experience anxiety, depression, substance abuse, anger management issues and trauma.

She is the spouse of an Active Duty military member which gives her special insight into this lifestyle and the challenges it presents to these families. She enjoys working with military families and couples who are often challenged by this lifestyle. She is a trained CBT therapist who is now gaining more tools to help her grow in her practice. As she gains the remainder of her clinical hours for her full licensure she will be offering reduced fee therapy sessions.