Philip Couch, PMHNP-BC, FNP-C

Philip Couch began his career as an accountant for a top 10 accounting firm over 30 years ago. He made a career in the business world, eventually becoming a high level consultant for large corporations. While he found tremendous success in this career he did not find the fulfillment he was looking for in his work. He had always been a person who enjoyed mentoring others and helping them succeed in their career path. In fact, he would say he enjoyed this more than completing whatever project he was working on within the corporation. He also enjoyed the camaraderie he found with his fellow executives. After years of trying to find a good fit, he decided he was not in the right line of work.

He went back to school at Duke University to obtain his ABSN and his FNP. He has worked on a hospital unit as well as within different speciality clinics. He would tell you he found his place in the medical field. It is meaningful and there is always something new to learn. He had been working in Laurinburg in an Internal Medicine clinic when he and his wife started talking about opening a clinic that would blend both medicine and mental health care. He became increasingly excited about how this type of clinic could provide better care for his patients.

Philip is a provider who cares deeply for those who come to him for care. He wants to provide the most comprehensive and caring treatment possible.

Philip is on the following insurance panels: BCBS, Cigna, First Carolina Care, Humana Health Plan, Medicare Advantage/First Medicare, Medicare Advantage/Humana, Medicare and United HealthCare.


Susan Couch, LCSW

Welcome to Harmony Within Mental Health, a safe and respectful environment to meet the mental health needs of all family members. Susan’s priority in working with individuals is based in meeting people “where they are”, emotionally and developmentally, respectful of their culture and family structure. Her ability to listen respectfully, allowing individuals to express themselves without judgement is part of her strength-based, client-led perspective, tapping into the individual’s strengths. She is a therapist who has great compassion for the struggles that often accompany us throughout life. She has years of experience and knowledge to bring to each session. Her intent is to learn what approach will work best for each individual, not expecting the client to fit into a particular therapeutic approach.

Traumatic events happen to us all and can negatively impact our ability to experience joy, restricting our capacity to love and care for ourselves. Susan has expertise in dealing with those who have experienced trauma. She has gained great insight and knowledge from learning about how to treat conditions such as DID, PTSD, Complex Trauma and other forms of dissociation. Most recently she has been trained in Sensory Integration therapeutic techniques to address trauma symptoms, behaviors, and negative self-beliefs to promote true healing.

As a North Carolina Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Susan is Certified in Brainspotting, Certified FOCUS provider, and Certified Safe and Sound Protocol Clinician. Safe and Sound Protocol is a research-based listening intervention to improve social engagement. She is also trained in DBT, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness and Somatic Therapy.

Most importantly Susan loves what she does and her enthusiasm for change can be motivation enough. She celebrates those “hard wins” with her clients and is dedicated to helping those who see her achieve their therapeutic goals.

She is on the following insurance panels: BCBS, BCBS State Plan, Cigna, First Carolina Care, First Medicare, Humana Military, Medicare and Tricare East


Jessica Grider, LCSW

Jessica comes to our clinic from Florida. Her husband had been relocated for his job and she quickly has become a huge asset to our clinic. She has years of experience working within agencies with children, families, and individuals. You will find her to be compassionate, dynamic, attuned, and nonjudgmental. She believes strongly in providing a safe and comfortable environment for each individual who walks through her door. In her most recent job, she was focused on helping women heal from complex trauma. This has become an area of interest for her and is finding her work here allows her to explore this interest fully.

She is fully licensed in the state of North Carolina and Florida. The week her credentialing came through Jessica has quickly started to fill her schedule. They are enjoying their work with her and she is finding private practice is quickly becoming her best job. She enjoys seeing children and has been trained in sand tray therapy, play therapy, parent/child therapy, and bibliotherapy. She has set parameters for working with children age 12 and above via Telepsych and children under 12 in the clinic. She continues her work with individuals who have suffered from complex trauma, substance use disorders, and ADHD. She is currently working with families that are having difficulty coping with the restrictions that have been placed on children during this time. We are impressed with her thoughtful approach to her clients.

Jessica’s enthusiasm for finding the state of the art therapeutic approaches has resulted in her being trained in Brainspotting. She is also now a Certified Safe and Sound Protocol provider and a FOCUS provider. She has experience working with children on the Spectrum and is happy to be bringing a therapeutic intervention that has proven to help those individuals increase their social engagement.

She is on the following insurance panels: BCBS, BCBS State Plan, First Carolina Care, Cigna, and Medicare.