Serenity means maintaining a sense of inner peace even in difficult situations.
We gain serenity by accepting the things we cannot change and focusing our energy where we can make a difference.

Steve Maraboli

Welcome to Serenity Mental and Medical Health Care where treating the whole person is our priority.


We want our clients to know that we are committed to keeping everyone safe during this difficult time. We are seeing people in the office if they are willing to sign an informed consent form before coming into the clinic. We clean our rooms throughout the day when people have come into the clinic. Our hope is that all of you are staying safe and being careful not just for your own health but the health of others.

We are an integrated health care clinic that provides medical care, psychiatric care and psychotherapy. We have combined these three services with the intent to provide care for the whole person. We want our clients to receive care in an environment where different disciplines communicate about your care allowing each client to feel more confident that there is a team of providers working with them to solve their medical issues. Each provider bringing a different perspective and possible solution.

We are seeing more medical agencies combine medical care with mental health care because we now recognize they are interrelated. The literature states individuals with mental health concerns more often have medical issues and those with chronic medical conditions often suffer from mood disorders. For instance, research suggests their is a strong correlation between binge eating and women who has ADHD; individuals that suffer from complex trauma often have immune deficiency disorders; individuals who have had heart surgery often suffer from depression post surgery.

In the past clients have primarily been responsible for relaying significant medical information between different medical specialists. It has often been difficult to communicate with doctors who are seeing those who also see a psychiatrist, NP or therapist. We believe better communication can provide better health care.